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Showtime Networks was searching for a promotional tool to use for the upcoming Tyson-Bruno fight. Black Hammer developed a Shockwave game which delivered "the punch" of exciting game and art design, graphic and sound production, and programming to produce a winning hit. After the success of the first action-packed game, Black Hammer produced three additional games for subsequent fights.

Bob and Weave I—Players control both cartoon pugilists as they slug and belch their way through a slapstick ritual of mutual beating. A sexy ring girl interrupts the action to tell viewers to "Forget these two losers" and to order the Tyson-Bruno fight on pay-per-view.

Bob and Weave II—Black Hammer equipped the two fighters with an arsenal of "special" weapons to promote the Tyson-Seldon fight, as Bob dukes it out with Weave in a battle of the senseless.

Bob and Weave III—For Tyson-Holyfield I, Black Hammer created a two-player rock'em, sock'em battle. Best friends can beat each other senseless without going to jail, and low blows are encouraged.

Bob and Weave IV—For Tyson-Holyfield II, Black Hammer created a first-person battleground. A high score can be uploaded to Showtime's website for everyone to see.