The Egg Files, Black Hammer's first independent in-house project in partnership with Flying Mikros Interactive, began as a simple action/puzzle title and grew into a unique and addictive game with a diverse assortment of enemies, environments and challenges.

The Egg Files is a combination of frantic action and strategy wrapped up in a barnyard of fun. A finalist for the 2002 Independent Games Festival, early versions of The Egg Files were highly praised in Replay magazine, Gamespy and other media outlets. The game was designed with appealing characters, addictive gameplay and unique mechanics that resembled no other game on the market at the time.

The Egg Files hearkens back to arcade games such as Missile Command and Pac-Man, where the player was constantly competing to beat his own personal best as opposed to progressing through a linear narrative. However, this combined with state-of-the-art graphics, sound, and feel, made The Egg Files unique on the console marketplace.