Goo goo eyes is an eye-popping sliding tile puzzle game published by Black Hammer Productions that will hypnotize you and make your eyeballs go “goo goo.” You will be challenged for many hours of game play with 200 mind-bending levels. Slide the eyeballs around a grid to arrange like-colored eyeballs into shapes that match the challenge shape. As the game play intensifies you will encounter gravity-bending black holes, immovable rocks and empty spaces of dark matter. Goo Goo Eyes is a concentration amplifier as well as advanced aerobics for the brain.

You must beat the 2 minute countdown clock. Bonus time is awarded for 4 moves or less. The fewer moves to make a match, the more bonus time you get. Five, and later six, matches advance the user to the next level. Replaying a level will change the arrangement of the eyeballs, empty spaces, stones and holes for that level. As you slide eyeballs and match shapes your mind will elevate into the genius zone and your eyes will go “goo goo.”


GooGooEyes can be found on the iTunes App store.