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To promote a new Nickelodeon All That program, "Coach Kreeton," Black Hammer developed a Shockwave game based on the hapless main character whose "sad, miserable life" is epitomized by the travails of just trying to cross the street in order to get home for a bubble bath.

Black Hammer designed and executed the game, including the direction of all art work and music, engaging players in the increasingly difficult task of getting Coach Kreeton across his busy street. Players gain valuable seconds by picking up coins along the way in an attempt to beat the clock ticking away on the desired side of the street. To offset his progress, malevolent birds drop eggs directly in the poor Coach's path. Not the least of Kreeton's setbacks, speeding pickup trucks, rollerbladers, a little girl on a bike, and other obstacles conspire to literally knock Kreeton off his path. When stymied, the irascible Coach mutters his signature epithets as he pulls himself up off the asphalt to continue his journey to his bubble bath at home where his "happiness is only a memory."

"Kreeton's Krossing" can be played live online or downloaded for Mac and Windows.