The third in the I SPY CD-ROM series, I SPY Jr., has modified the formula in targeting the product to a slightly younger audience. Working with the design team at Scholastic, Black Hammer developed a dynamic edutainment title by using a proprietary object-oriented design framework and Macromedia's Director software. Employing advanced programming techniques, Black Hammer created a cross-platform title with high performance animation, intelligent game play and minimal memory requirements.

In I SPY Junior, preschoolers discover six colorful bins full of picture riddles, puzzles, games, and an open-ended creative play area. This developmentally appropriate learning game strengthens vocabulary, number/letter recognition, and early reading and math skills in fun, imaginative ways. Cheerful surprises, humorous animations, and lively music accompany these multi-leveled activities, encouraging and challenging children every step of the way. In addition, I SPY Junior provides clear voice-over assistance and animated instructions that young children can easily understand. I SPY Junior was developed using guidelines set forth by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and with direction from experts in early childhood development.

In addition to I SPY's five star ratings from reviewers such as Parenting and Children's Software Review, Black Hammer received their own five star rating from Susan Gargiulo, a producer at Scholastic New Media who said "Black Hammer was committed to developing this product within our budget and schedule constraints without sacrificing game play or interactivity. We love working with them."