Watchnetwork, a high-end retailer of fine watches and watch accessories, contracted Black Hammer Productions, Inc. to produce their e-commerce website, Watchnetwork distinguishes itself from other online watch retailers through the elegance and sophistication of its online storefront and customer service capabilities, and serves as an authorized dealer to some of the most prominent names in the industry.

Under a very short deadline, Black Hammer was contracted to develop a dynamic CGI-based website with a powerful backend for the Watchnetwork. After thoroughly assessing the requirements of the Watchnetwork website, the Black Hammer team worked to devise a customized e-commerce solution. Our designers created an elegant storefront,paying close attention to color, layout, and style. The display of Watchnetwork products incorporated object-VR techniques, enabling watches to be rotated and viewed in 360 degrees.

The production team and programmers were responsible for the entire production, including the front-end, middleware and backend, as well as developing a comprehensive system for maintenance, fulfillment, receiving, and customer service.