Black Hammer Productions, Inc. programmed this amazing edutainment CD-ROM. It was hosted by George Page and was released to five-star reviews in September 1999. Extensive use of QuickTime VR (Apple's cross-platform virtual reality technology) and QuickTime movies (over 150 clips of African wildlife) draw the user into the exotic landscape of the Serengeti.

A user can employ a virtual field guide, filled with photos, video, and text, to learn about the animals and environment of the Serengeti. An online science journal challenges the user to explore the Serengeti and discover the wildlife.

Black Hammer built a dynamic database system to streamline the production process and produce an optimized high-performance product. This system enabled the content development team to easily build and prototype the environments, the field guide, and the science journal without requiring programmers to make changes to the code. This elegant and economical approach to system architecture is indicative of the Black Hammer approach.