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New York, NY-If you have, or know, any children between the ages of 6 and 10, chances are that you're aware of Scholastic's I Spy CD-ROM series. You may have already noticed the Black Hammer logo prominently displayed on the side of the box. "I still get excited when I see I Spy on the shelf in my neighborhood software store. I love showing my son our logo right up there on the shelf with all of these games he loves to play," says Black Hammer President Matthew Schlanger. The I Spy titles earned their place on the shelves with the following awards and reviews:

I Spy Fantasy
    Top Choice Software Award, Museum of Science Boston: "The graphics are beautiful, whimsical, and clever enough to appeal to adults as well as kids."
    Children's Software & New Media Revue (September/October 2003): 4.9 "The eighth I SPY title is the best... As [children] solve the 54 I SPY riddles and play the other scavenger hunts and games, children are exposed to a rich vocabulary experience that cleverly presents opportunities for using logic, memory, listening and rhyming."
    2004 Distinguished Achievement Award "Best Graphics", Association of Educational Publishers
    2004 Parent's Choice Gold Award: "Here's a program that's worth looking at."
    The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
    Child Magazine Best Software & Video Games of 2003 (December/January 2004)
    Parent & Child Teacher's Pick Best Tech 2003 (November/December 2003)
    Best Educational Software, Review Corner: "This latest CD-ROM in the I SPY software series may be the best yet."
    2004 BESSIE (Best Educational Software) Award: "I SPY Fantasy is educational fun, and the adventures can be motivating to many age groups--whether it's the search for lost treasures buried at sea, commanding a mission in space, or searching a medieval castle for an imprisoned princess, this title is clearly a must-have."

I Spy Treasure Hunt
    2002 Parenting Magazine Software of the Year Award
    2001/2002 BESSIE (Best Educational Software) Award
    The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval 2001
    Best Selling PC Games PlayDate 2001
    2001 Parents' Choice Software Recommended Award
    2001 Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award
    Warren Buckleitner, Parade Magazine (November 25, 2001): "It's the best interactive I SPY product yet."
    James Oppenheim, Child Magazine (December/January 2002): "This entertaining program gets children thinking visually."
    2001 Choosing Children's Software Best Pick Award
    Parents Magazine (September 2001): Best Back-to-School Software
    Jane Clifford, Copley News Service (December 11, 2001): "One of the most engaging series of programs ever for the young and young at heart..."
    Robin Ray, Boston Herald (October 7, 2001): "Scholastic continues its wonderful series of riddle-puzzle games with I SPY Treasure Hunt..."
    Children's Software Revue (November/December 2001): "The graphics are mesmerizing, drawing kids (and adults) into the game." (November 2001): "'s fun and absorbing, and parents will agree that all the time their kids spend with the game will be time well spent."

I Spy School Days
    Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award: "...combining the best visual puzzles with the best artwork...Go get this program; you'll enjoy playing it with your child!"
    2000 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award
    2000 Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award
    The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval (Holiday 2000)
    Children's Software Revue (September/October 2000): 4.7 **** 1/2 All Star Software Award
    Holiday 2000 Best Pick: Best Logic Game by Choosing Children's Software
    The Review Corner Award of Excellence/Best of 2000: "Screens come alive with the click of a mouse. This title is packed with material to please the eyes, ears, and mind."
    FamilyLife Favorite December 2000/January2001
    Parenting Magazine Software Magic Award
    Jane Clifford, The San Diego Union Tribune (November 28, 2000): "...promotes hours and hours of entertainment and learning."
    Anne Reeks, The Houston Chronicle (September 22, 2000): A- "...the cleverly worded riddles send children on gleeful hunting expeditions amid gorgeous photo-montages of everyday objects and bits of nature."
    Suzi Sez, KidZone: "I give this software a high five, two thumbs up and Grandma's Platinum Seal of Approval! My hat is off to Scholastic, Inc. for bringing us another fine learning software program."

I Spy Junior: Puppet Playhouse
    2001 Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist (EdPress)
    Canadian Toy Testing Council:
    2001 Developmental Software Award
    Parenting Magazine Software Magic Award
    Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award: "...a is exemplified by age-appropriate puzzles that develop logic and visual perception."
    Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products 2000
    Dr. Toy's 10 Best Software Products 2000
    2000 Parents' Choice Gold Honor Award
    2000 Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award
    The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval (Holiday 2000)
    Holiday 2000 Best Pick: Best Logic Game by Choosing Children's Software
    Child Magazine Best Software 2000
    The Review Corner Award of Excellence
    Jane Clifford, syndicated columnist: "This second title in the I SPY Junior series for preschoolers is perfect for its age group."
    Children's Software Revue (September/October 2000): 4.2
    FamilyPC (September 2000): "The whimsical picture riddles will captivate children and build prereading and thinking skills."
    PC Magazine (September 1, 2000): "On the computer screen, the spying scenarios come alive in all sorts of ways not possible on paper."
    Anne Reeks, The Houston Chronicle (September 22, 2000): A "Bravo."

I Spy Spooky Mansion
    Winner, SIIA Codie Award for Home Education Program - Best Debut
    Winner, Milia D'Or Award for Best Children's Software
    Winner, Parenting Magazine's Software Magic Award 2000
    Child Magazine's Best Software 1999: "The illustrations are so rich and the puzzles so interesting that you may find yourself wanting to play this after your child goes to sleep."
    Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award
    Kids First! All Star Endorsement
    National Parenting Center Seal of Approval 1999: "Loaded with luscious images that hide countless surprises for your child to unearth, this latest version of I Spy will entertain for hours."
    Children's Choice Award (Canadian Toy Testing Council)
    Honorable Mention, Bolognia New Media Prize
    Children's Software Revue (Fall 1999): 4.8 ***** Editor's Choice
    Choosing Children's Software (Fall 1999): 4.3 ****_
    Pam Gleichman, syndicated columnist: ****
    Parents Magazine (December 1999): Best New Software for Kids
    Developmental Software Award -- Problem Solving 1999
    Anne Reeks, The Houston Chronicle (September 24, 1999): "Once in a while an offshoot beats the original. The translation of I Spy books to CD-ROM is just such a rarity, and this particular one . . . is particularly wonderful."

I Spy Junior
    Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award
    Child Magazine's Best Software 1999: "We love that solving the
    snappy puzzles challenges children with educational lessons in
    rhyming, pattern recognition, and classification."
    Dr. Toy's 10 Best Children's Games 1999
    Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products 1999
    National Parenting Center Seal of Approval: "I Spy Junior brings hours of sleuthing fun to the computer screen. . . The best part was the faces of the young children when they finally found that last piece which had been eluding them. Now that's satisfaction."
    Developmental Software Award - Language Development 1999
    Choosing Children's Software (Winter 1999): 4.4 Best Picks Award
    Kids First! Endorsement
    Children's Software Revue (Fall 1999): 4.2
    Nick Jr. Magazine (Fall 1999): Fall's Best Click 'n' Learn CD
    Games Business (September 1, 1999): Hot Holiday Picks for Kids

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