Wed, 2000-11-08

New York,, the national advocacy website for women developed by Black Hammer for Oxygen, won the National Ad Council's Can Award. The first place finish in the National Internet category was especially sweet to Black Hammer's President, Matthew Schlanger. "It's not often that we have the opportunity to do good work that has the express purpose of doing good. We are very excited about BeFearless. We all believe in it tremendously. It's great to be recognized for a project that we all poured so much of ourselves into."

Befearless encourages women to be politically active members of their community. The site provides the tools to support and inform women about how they can make a difference; the emphasis is on taking action. The theme Black Hammer developed, FIRA (FACT, IMPACT, REACT, and ACT), is both a navigational tool and a metaphor for the advocacy process that appears throughout the site. "The producers at Oxygen wanted the site to encourage women to act locally and nationally. This is an incredibly content rich web site. Managing all of that information in a simple and elegant way presented us with a huge design challenge. We think FIRA really meets the challenge, and we're pleased that the National Ad Council agrees," says Schlanger.

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