Sun, 1998-07-05

Virtual Storefront Goes Up In Two Months and is an Immediate Success

New York City (July 6, 1998) - Black Hammer Productions, Inc. and Karl Kotas have, once again, collaborated with Darwin Digital to develop exciting Shockwave games for General Mills' popular website for children, You Rule School ( These new games demonstrate the team's skill in developing compelling entertainment for the Web.

Previously, Darwin Digital requested Black Hammer and Kotas to develop several Shockwave games for General Mills. They originally delivered four games: the Cheerios® Power Toss, the Mystery Squeezit® Magnifrier game , Count Chocula®'s Choculatory, and the Apple Cinnamon Cheerios® Apple Picking Memory game. Black Hammer and Kotas were again requested by Darwin Digital to develop the Fruity Obstacle Course, which consists of four new Shockwave games. In the Fruit Roll-Ups® Factory, kids match roll-up pieces to the right slots in order to construct a Fruit Roll-Ups® bridge. Next, they eat their way through yummy Fruit by the Foot® to get to the next level. Then, kids cross a mountain gorge by leaping to and from Fruit Gushers® stepping-stones. Finally, they swing ape-style through the jungle on a delicious String Thing® to complete their journey. Kids who finish the obstacle course receive a certificate of completion that they can print out and frame.

Black Hammer Productions, Inc. is the interactive media company that helps clients meet the challenges of tomorrow, today. As a new media developer and design studio, we create interactive products and adapt brands and identities to interactive environments. Black Hammer harnesses digital technologies to develop compelling consumer products and marketing solutions for the information economy. Additional information about Black Hammer can be found at its website (

Karl Kotas, a long-time associate of Black Hammer, has been working in New Media since the early years of interactive television. Last year he formalized his freelance business into a corporation that utilizes the talents of a variety of new media professionals. Other projects that he has done include art-directing and illustrating the Toys R Us website for K2 Design, games for Sports Illustrated for Kids and Budweiser Beer, and work for i-Village, Think Ink, and others. Visit his website for more information (

Darwin Digital is Saatchi & Saatchi's stand-alone digital marketing company, specializing in brand marketing using new technologies. Darwin also combines the power of existing brands and new technologies to create new opportunities and build new businesses for our clients.