Sun, 2003-11-09

New York, NY- Black Hammer Productions adds I SPY Fantasy, the newest CD-ROM game in the best-selling and award-winning I SPY software series, to its complete portfolio of I SPY CD-ROMs. Black Hammer has worked with Scholastic on all of the games in the I SPY franchise.

I SPY Fantasy features three elaborately detailed worlds, chosen from photographs featured in the I SPY Fantasy book. Participating elementary school children were asked to choose the environments they would like to see brought to life. The worlds they chose: (castles and dragons, under the sea, and outer space), were programmed to life by Black Hammer in collaboration with the design team at Scholastic.

In I SPY Fantasy, players strive to solve 54 challenging I SPY riddles, as they explore the three fantasy environments. Each world has its own special challenge, and unique tools for the children to use to solve problems. Children develop vocabulary, language, and thinking skills while enjoying a game that is designed to provide hours of fun game play.

"It's amazing to me how these games just keep getting better and better," says Black Hammer president, Matthew Schlanger. "I thought Treasure Hunt was a great game, and I was unsure how Scholastic would build on that, but Fantasy is even better. It just goes to show how strong the original I SPY concept is."

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