Playfirst - Nightshift Legacy - The Jaguar's Eye
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Black Hammer is proud to announce the release of our newest game "Nightshift Legacy - The Jaguar's Eye." A sequel to The Nightshift Code, Nightshift Legacy picks up the story of Mike and Isabel as they travel from the jungles of Guatamala to Spain, Mexico and Russia to solve an ancient mystery and bring to light the hidden secrets of Isabel's maternal grandparents, Sofia and Victor.

"Nightshift Legacy: The Jaguar's Eye is, at its core, a family saga tied to historical secrets and missing artifacts," says Kenny Shea Dinkin, vice president and creative director of PlayFirst, Inc. "Players get pulled into the Hidden Object hunt through a compelling marriage of graphic novel and adventure puzzle - a combination that proves irresistible."

Nightshift Legacy innovates by combining hidden object play with original puzzles and a rich graphic novel narrative.

Nightshift Legacy - The Jaguar's Eye is published by Playfirst.