Tue, 2005-05-31

New York Magazine selected Black Hammer Productions to develop an animated spot to be displayed on FreshDirect's towering electronic billboard. The 165 foot tall digital billboard is visible for over two miles, and can be seen by motorists going to and from Manhattan through the Queens Midtown tunnel, as well as from local streets and highways.

Working with cover art and text supplied by the magazine, Black Hammer's animation design for these spots takes advantage of the billboard's ability to display high-impact full motion video and graphics. There will be nineteen spots in all, running from the end of May through October.

"It's really a blast to be driving around the city and suddenly see your work looming over all of this traffic entering and leaving the city. It's always great to do work that leaves such a public mark," says Black Hammer president Matthew Schlanger. "Plus, it's given me a new-found appreciation of the Midtown tunnel."

Black Hammer Productions is an interactive media company based in New York City. Black Hammer is a leading developer of CD-ROMs, websites, and tradeshow exhibits.