ComplianceTraining is developing an online program in advance of new federal rulings regarding medical patient information. The upcoming Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is expected to have a new and profound impact on the health industry, requiring a complete overhaul of the way that health documents are maintained and disseminated throughout the profession. Healthcare providers, diagnostic centers, insurers, etc. will all be required to comply with the stringent new privacy rules being enacted by the federal government. ComplianceTraining's HIPAA Privacy Rule online program will translate thousands of pages of federal regulation into a manageable menu of courses through which all employees in related businesses can learn compliance. Static and animated graphics employing Flash and ShockWave technology, full voice-over and course testing, and a full backend tracking system will be delivered over the internet as ComplianceTraining and Black Hammer take this major B2B service into the 21st century.

To help sell their product, ComplianceTraining asked Black Hammer Productions to further develop the earlier Managed Care demo for the purpose of the HIPAA program. The strong design values and elegant information architecture of the earlier demo have been further developed in the HIPAA demo. Both demos were completed exclusively in Flash, although unlike the previous CD-ROM demo, the HIPAA demo is available over the internet, as will all of the intended final programs.