General Mills

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General Mills' popular destination for school-age children was in need of stimulating games to expand the scope and content of their site. Black Hammer created a series of eight Shockwave games which highlight the General Mills' brands and demonstrate our skills in developing compelling entertainment for the WWW.

Kreeton's Krossing

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To promote a new Nickelodeon All That program, "Coach Kreeton," Black Hammer developed a Shockwave game based on the hapless main character whose "sad, miserable life" is epitomized by the travails of just trying to cross the street in order to get home for a bubble bath.

Swedenrules Regatta Race

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For Volvo's edgy, alternative site, Blue Dingo developed as a hip, playful combination of sightseeing, games, innovative technology, and oddities. Blue Dingo then came to Black Hammer to help develop the sailing game component of this multi-faceted site where users can try their skills in an artful adaptation of the Toronto Regatta Race.

The Dilbert "Guess Whose Phone is Ringing" Game

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Black Hammer joined forces with KLIKnosis, to develop and program a Dilbert cellular phone game that played off the users ability to remember the specific ring sounds and visual wave forms for each character's phone.

New York MTA Subway Simulation Game

Matthew Schlanger and Carl Huebner, of Studio Mercenary, teamed up and, working with Robin White of Media Combo, created a subway simulator game for the MTA. While building a new subway line along 2nd Avenue from 63rd Street to 96th Street, the MTA opened a Community Information Center to engage and excite the neighborhood, as well as answer questions and field complaints. The game, called "Test Drive the Second Avenue Subway," was installed at the CIC as well.