The Longman Writer's Warehouse is the companion website to several college level writing texts published by Longman Publishing. It is programmed with Cold Fusion, an Oracle database, and BHP's xml system. The database driven website allows users to create accounts, and then proceed through a series of activities designed to expand their writing skills. Users take diagnostic tests, complete handbook exercises and writing activities geared to expand their writing skills. Their test scores are recorded in the database, and can be emailed to their instructors within the user session. A Process section allows students to complete a series of linked activities to develop their outlining skills. A Journal section allows them to create journal entries that are saved to the database, and edited at a later date. Teachers can log on to the Teacher Management system to view test scores sent by Students, and an Admin tool allows Longman staff to manage the database content. The BHP content delivery system, which allows the client to deliver the text based content for each project via a web interface, facilitates the seamless updating of content throughout the development cycle.