Matthew Schlanger and Carl Huebner, of Studio Mercenary, teamed up and, working with Robin White of Media Combo, created a subway simulator game for the MTA. While building a new subway line along 2nd Avenue from 63rd Street to 96th Street, the MTA opened a Community Information Center to engage and excite the neighborhood, as well as answer questions and field complaints. The game, called "Test Drive the Second Avenue Subway," was installed at the CIC as well. The game earned high marks and attracted attention including articles in the NY Mag  and the Villiage Voice.

Together Black Hammer and Studio Mercenary designed and programmed a high resolution 3D simulation. The game engine used was Cry Engine. The physical controller, styled after actual train operator equipment was also designed and, fabricated with the help of Paul Kelm. An Arduino was used and programmed to interface the hardware with the software. Playing the game, visitors are in the role of a virtual subway operator as they drive along the new route from 63rd Street to 96th Street. More recently more stops were added to the game's route as construction was begun to 125th Street.

The game is very popular and has attracted school field trips and more than a few tournaments have been held.