Faced with a tight development schedule,, a Viacom Inc./Children's Television Workshop joint venture, approached Black Hammer to develop an interactive web counterpart to "Bill Nye the Science Guy," the extremely popular television show that teaches kids about science. BHP delivered an interactive website with a Perl, CGI and Oracle database that was fully integrated into the larger site.

The Nye-Sci Connection website offers kids weekly science challenges based on current episodes of the show. Kids work on science experiments and submit their answers to the challenges, then check to see their names in a weekly updated hall of fame and login to receive a personalized certificate for participating in the challenge.

Black Hammer developed a browser-based, back-end console for Noggin staff. This console enables them to easily update the weekly challenges, rotate HREFs redirecting users to moderated chats with Bill Nye, enter sweepstakes, and send email that is reviewed by Noggin staff offline and posted to the website with answers from Bill Nye himself. BHP also provided a series of reporting features, allowing Noggin staff to track user participation.