Scholastic New Media chose Black Hammer to translate the I SPY experience into the interactive world of CD-ROM.

The award winning I SPY CD-ROM series now includes seven titles; I SPY, I SPY Spooky Mansion, I SPY Jr., I SPY School Days, I SPY Puppet Playhouse, I SPY Treasure Hunt, and the latest release, I SPY Fantasy. Working with the design team at Scholastic, Black Hammer developed these dynamic edutainment titles by using a proprietary object-oriented design framework and Macromedia's Director software. Employing advanced programming techniques, Black Hammer created cross-platform titles with high performance animation, intelligent game play and minimal memory requirements.

In addition to I SPY's five star ratings from reviewers such as Parenting and Children's Software Review, Black Hammer received their own five star rating from Susan Gargiulo, a producer at Scholastic New Media who said "Black Hammer was committed to developing this product [Spooky Mansion] within our budget and schedule constraints without sacrificing game play or interactivity. We love working with them."