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For Volvo's edgy, alternative site, Blue Dingo developed as a hip, playful combination of sightseeing, games, innovative technology, and oddities. Blue Dingo then came to Black Hammer to help develop the sailing game component of this multi-faceted site where users can try their skills in an artful adaptation of the Toronto Regatta Race.

In the game version, users race their 3-D rendered boat against computer programmed challengers around buoys and various obstacles for best time for a single lap. Obstacles include ferries, fire boats, and a low flying airplane as well as the challenger boats that often conspire to obstruct the user boat and bonk it off course.

Black Hammer designed and programmed the game, as well as directed the design and art production of all 3-D and flat elements. In addition, we relied on in-house sailing expertise to faithfully represent the jib and main sail activity as the boats maneuvered through varying wind currents.