Columbia Medicine Magazine Website

Columbia Medicine Magazine

Black Hammer programmed a new Drupal 7 website for Columbia University's Columbia Medicine Magazine. The site allows content creators to publish issues of the magazine, allowing for navigation and groupling by issue and article category. Dynamic menus and pages are generated by the site after creating issue content. The site also has special web extra pages that outside of the issue taxonomy.


Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory

Columbia University - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Black Hammer developed the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory web site for Columbia University as a resource for scientists, students of the university, and the public.

Rodale Institute

Rodale Institute - Rodale Institute website

Black Hammer developed the Rodale Institute web site as a resource for farmers of all ilk - organic and otherwise - and the public. The Rodale Institute is a non-profit leader in the field of organic farming and sustainable agricultrual practices.

IRGnews website

The Investor Relations Group

Black Hammer developed the Investor Relations Group new web site as a portal for IRG's clients and for small cap investors. IRG is a full-service corporate communications firm that provides investor relations and public relations services to nano-, micro-, and small-cap companies providing them with the equivalent in-house services of a large-cap company.

Nowhere In Africa

Zeitgeist Films

Black Hammer created the web presence for "Nowhere in Africa," winner of the 2002 Academy Award for best foreign language film. Developed for Zeitgeist Films to market the film to the movie going public, press and exibitors; the elegantly designed mini-site contains the movie synopsis, a trailer, photo gallery, reviews, and playdates along with a wealth of behind the scenes information.


EM Painline website

Beth Israel Medical Center

Black Hammer developed the website for Beth Israel Medical Center as a resource in pain and emergency medicine for physicians and healthcare practitioners.

Experimental Television Center

Black Hammer Productions developed the website for The Experimental Television Center (ETC), a non-profit organization for video artists. ETC supports electronic image-making by providing video artists with residencies, research, support services, and grants.

Montenegro Plus website

Montenegro+  marketing and e-commerce website

Black Hammer created a website for Montenegro+ that would aid in marketing their services, provide for excursion sign ups, as well as contain a full featured e-commerce component to sell SUPs and sailboats.


Black Hammer developed, designed, and programmed a new advocacy website,, for the Oxygen Network. This site allows women easy access to comprehensive information about a variety of issues, and helps them channel their opinions and views to other women, elected officials, and candidates with similar or opposing views.

Oprah Goes Online


Black Hammer Productions designed and developed for Oxygen Media. This website is a companion to Oprah's new TV show to be aired on the Oxygen Television network. Both the show and the website are intended to educate web novices by providing a series of "Web 101" type tutorials in which Oprah instructs her audience on Internet basics, such as how to use search engines, web shopping, and online auctions.