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General Mills' popular destination for school-age children was in need of stimulating games to expand the scope and content of their site. Black Hammer created a series of eight Shockwave games which highlight the General Mills' brands and demonstrate our skills in developing compelling entertainment for the WWW.

Black Hammer originally delivered four games. In the Cheerios Paper Toss, try your hand at precision paper delivery but remember to adjust for wind conditions and your energy level (which increases as you eat Cheerios). Even errant throws reveal a screen filled with animated fun. With the Mystery Squeezit "Magnifrier," burn away concrete to find hidden objects or pop the balloon floating across its surface. Or, search Count Chocula's Choculatory for monsters and transform them into marshmallow treats. Finally, you can challenge your memory and matching skills in the Apple Cinnamon Cheerios Picking game, a concentration-style contest.

Black Hammer later developed the Fruity Obstacle Course, consisting of four new games. In the Fruit Roll-Ups Factory, assemble a Fruit Roll-Up bridge. Next, eat your way through yummy Fruit by the Foot. Then, cross a mountain gorge by leaping to and from theFruit Gusher stepping-stones. Finally, swing ape-style through the jungle on a delicious String Thing to complete your journey.