Scholastic - I SPY Fantasy

This time, players choose from three fantasy environments: castles and dragons, under the sea and outer space. They explore these richly detailed worlds using special tools like microscopes and telescopes.

Scholastic - I SPY / I SPY School Days

Scholastic New Media chose Black Hammer to translate the I SPY experience into the interactive world of CD-ROM.

The award winning I SPY CD-ROM series now includes seven titles; I SPY, I SPY Spooky Mansion, I SPY Jr., I SPY School Days, I SPY Puppet Playhouse, I SPY Treasure Hunt, and the latest release, I SPY Fantasy.

Scholastic - I SPY Puppet Playhouse

The second I SPY CD-ROM targeted to a younger audience, I SPY Jr. Puppet Playhouse continued the extremely successful partnership between Scholastic and Black Hammer.

Scholastic - I SPY Junior

The third in the I SPY CD-ROM series, I SPY Jr., has modified the formula in targeting the product to a slightly younger audience. Working with the design team at Scholastic, Black Hammer developed a dynamic edutainment title by using a proprietary object-oriented design framework and Macromedia's Director software.

Scholastic - I Spy Challenger

I Spy Challenger, the very first GBA title in Scholastic's extremely successful I Spy franchise, was developed by Black Hammer Game and released in the fall of 2002. At last, a GBA title that appeals to kids and their parents. Based on the popular series from Scholastic books, I Spy Challenger! consists of four minigames that challenge your identifying and matching skills. Solve I Spy riddles at home or on the go - ideal for the back of the car, airplanes, and of course, the couch.

WNET - Nature: Virtual Serengeti

Black Hammer Productions, Inc. programmed this amazing edutainment CD-ROM. It was hosted by George Page and was released to five-star reviews in September 1999. Extensive use of QuickTime VR (Apple's cross-platform virtual reality technology) and QuickTime movies (over 150 clips of African wildlife) draw the user into the exotic landscape of the Serengeti.

The Egg Files

The Egg Files, Black Hammer's first independent in-house project in partnership with Flying Mikros Interactive, began as a simple action/puzzle title and grew into a unique and addictive game with a diverse assortment of enemies, environments and challenges.

Simon & Schuster - The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy

Black Hammer Productions, Inc. provided all the programming and technical direction for this informative and irreverent edutainment CD-ROM intended for use by pregnant women and their nervous spouses.

Bob and Weave

play Bob and Weave I
play Bob and Weave II
play Bob and Weave III
play Bob and Weave IV

Showtime Networks was searching for a promotional tool to use for the upcoming Tyson-Bruno fight. Black Hammer developed a Shockwave game which delivered "the punch" of exciting game and art design, graphic and sound production, and programming to produce a winning hit. After the success of the first action-packed game, Black Hammer produced three additional games for subsequent fights.

General Mills

play Cheerios Paper Toss
play Magnifrier
play Chocula's Choculatory
play Apple Picking Game

General Mills' popular destination for school-age children was in need of stimulating games to expand the scope and content of their site. Black Hammer created a series of eight Shockwave games which highlight the General Mills' brands and demonstrate our skills in developing compelling entertainment for the WWW.